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Vandenberg Rocket Launch

Vandenburg Rocket Launch today webVandenberg Rocket Launch web 1Yesterdays Delta IV rocket launch went off without a hitch yesterday carrying a highly classified US National Reconnaissance satellite. The satellite was launched atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket one of the most powerful rockets and the largest of rockets to be launched from Vandenberg to date. Very few payloads require a rocket of that size, especially to the orbits it can reach from Vandenberg. The rocket stood over 23 stories and made its thundering launch shortly after 11:00 am Wednesday.

Easliy seen, and sometimes heard from Santa Barbara it is much more exciting to view it from just a few miles away. Vandenberg is located just outside of Lompoc and from downtown Santa Barbara it will take a little over an hour in rocket traffic to get to the best viewing location. If you would like to watch the next launch, visit Vandenberg’s website  and check the schedule.


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