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Santa Barbara Education

Santa Barbara Education

Santa Barbara Schools and Universities

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Elementary Schools:

Adams School: Located adjacent to Earl Warren Showgrounds and the Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course, the school serves the Samarkand and golf course areas.

Cleveland School: Located on the hillside overlooking the lower East Side, bordered by Montecito and reaching onto the Riviera  and lower East Side .  Due to its location, Cleveland School has a largely diverse student body.

Franklin Elementary: Franklin Elementary is Santa Barbara ’s oldest and largest elementary school.  The school has typically been among the lower half of testing scores. No web page available.

Harding School: Located on the West Side, Harding School has recently gone through an image makeover.  With a past reputation as a school which tested in the lower percentile of Santa Barbara schools, they are now calling themselves the Harding University Partnership School , in hopes that a new name and attitude will change their image.

Monroe Elementary: Representing nearly one third of the Mesa ’s school area, Monroe School District wraps around the Elings Park area and is located on the corner of Cliff Drive and Flora Vista.  All of the Mesa area schools are considered to be above average for Santa Barbara .

Open Alternative: Located at the La Colina Junior High School, the Open Alternative School is based on a committee of parents who provide administrative leadership.  This parent cooperative/open education school gives teachers and parents an equal say in the day-to-day decisions.

Peabody Charter: One of Santa Barbara ’s more popular schools, Peabody encourages parents to be involved in their children’s education.  Being a Charter school allows the ability, flexibility and latitude to provide an innovative curriculum, development, and instruction.

Roosevelt School: One of Santa Barbara’s newest built schools, it is located just blocks from the Santa Barbara Mission and includes homes from the upper east, Riviera and Mission Canyon areas.  Its popularity has grown since the rebuilding of the old school.

Santa Barbara Charter: This smaller Charter school offers parents and students a more active roll in the decisions that affect day-to-day teaching at school.  It also offers Home Schooling children the ability to attend school one or more days during the week.

Santa Barbara Community: One of the newest schools opened in 1999. A year round calendar, uniforms, and full day kindergarten with an emphasis on parental involvement are considered essential to optimum success for all students.

Washington Elementary: Located near the popular organic store Lazy Acres, Washington school is also one of the Mesa ’s more popular schools. A program of academic and personal goals focuses student attention on behaviors important for developing well-rounded citizens of tomorrow.

Junior High Schools:

Goleta Valley Junior High School: Participating in the National Science Foundation’s Partnership for School Innovation actively involves students with science.  More intellectually challenging opportunities are available for students in science, English, mathematics and social studies.

La Colina Junior High School: This junior high school offers recognition programs designed to encourage hard work, good study habits and academic achievement. Being a comprehensive program, it serves to acknowledge the accomplishments of a wide body of students.

La Cumbre Junior High School: This junior high school sets standards for students with high expectations for learning and encourages self-disciplined, self-directed and responsible academic and social behavior.

Santa Barbara Junior High School: Built in 1932, this junior high school is an historical Landmark. It is recognized for its unique curriculum-based experiences which include a Renaissance Faire, Civil War Day, Science Nights in English and Spanish, Astronomy Night and more.

Senior High Schools:

Dos Pueblos High School: Offers over 165 academic and elective courses. Nearly 96% of the students go on to higher education.  With testing scores the highest of all Santa Barbara high schools, Dos Pueblos places in the top 10% of all high schools in California.

San Marcos High School: San Marcos offers a varied curriculum of over 200 academic and elective courses.  Nearly 80% of San Marcos students move on to higher education.  They no longer implement the traditional 6-period daily class schedule. Instead, they utilize a block schedule where students have 3, 90-minute classes and have the option of taking the fourth.

Santa Barbara High School: Is the third oldest school in California.  Nearly 80% of students go on to higher education.  With over 230 academic and elective courses, they offer a wide variety of opportunities for students.


Universities and Colleges:

Santa Barbara Community College– Located on the ocean bluffs of Santa Barbara, The City College had its beginning in 1909 and currently offers degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, English, Social Science, occupational and technological training. The Santa Barbara City College is much easier to be accepted into than UCSB.  Many students attend the much more reasonable priced City College for two years and then transfer there credits to UCSB or other statewide UC’s.  Currently Santa Barbara City College ranks #1 in transfers to UC’s.  As of 2010 the full and part time students number nearly 20,000.

University Of California Santa Barbara UCSB was founded in 1909 and is the third oldest school in the UC system.   Ranked as the 5th largest of the UC’s and 39th among national Universities, UCSB has an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 18,500 and nearly 3,000 students in the graduate studies.  It is a very selective university as well as a high transfer-in university.  Considered to be a “very high activity” research school,  five members of its staff have been awarded the Nobel  Prize.  The UC is home of the Gauchos and they compete in the NCAA Division / Big West Conference.

Brooks InstituteFormerly Known as Brooks Institute of Photography, Brooks Institute has a Santa Barbara campus and a Ventura campus and offers 4 majors and 2 graduate programs. The two programs offered in Santa Barbara are the Masters of Fine Arts in Photography and The Professional Photography program.  The Ventura campus focuses in on Film and Video Production, Graphic Design, Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and Graphic Design.  Brooks Institute is known worldwide as a major contributor to the Photography and Video careers.  It’s student body ranges from 1,200-2,300 and is made up by a sophisticated mix of local, as well as, foreign students.

Westmont College Established in Los Angles by Ruth Kerr, owner of the Kerr Mason Jar Company, as a Bible Missionary Institute and in then 1945 moved to its current location in Montecito. It is considered an   interdenominational Christian liberal arts college.  Westmont ranked #99 by US News and World Report in Americas Best Colleges.  They have nearly 1,350 students attending Westmont and offer 26 majors in a wide variety of curriculum.

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