Beach Front

Discover Santa Barbara’s Beach Front

Santa Barbara's Beach Front

When it comes to beauty and privacy, nothing surpasses Santa Barbara’s exclusive oceanfront communities.  Here you will find properties to suit every taste, from a 16-foot wide lot to a 6-acre waterfront estate.   Prices range from $2 million to nearly $40 million dollars.  You will not find a more beautiful, private, or relaxing area to call home than Santa Barbara’s beachfront properties. 
Close to every convenience, you will find grocery stores, boutique shops, restaurants and coffee shops, exclusive hotels such as the fabulous Biltmore Hotel, organic produce stores such as Tri-County Produce as well as the Santa Barbara and Montecito farmers markets.   Yet while you maintain the feeling of living in a small town, you will swear you are a million miles from everywhere as soon as you close your front door.   And while you can find something for everyone in Santa Barbara’s very exclusive beachfront communities, remember…unlike other unique commodities, they aren’t making any more beach front!

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