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After the Civil War, the face of Santa Barbara began to change.  Victorian houses soon outnumbered Spanish Colonials.  Shipping grew in prominence, as goods and people from the East began pouring in through the small, but growing, port. This begins a period of great experimentation.  Agriculture becomes more important as people realize that just about anything planted grows here.
In 1925, Santa Barbara was devastated by an earthquake.  Local towns folk realized that most of the Victorians had burned and most of the buildings left standing were the Spanish Colonials, that relied more heavily on indigenous building techniques.  An ordinance is passed making the downtown area Spanish Colonial as we still see today.

Downtown’s vibrant Historic Arts District is the focal point for Santa Barbara’s thriving arts community.   From the contemporary to the classic, the Historic Arts District boasts a wide variety of art galleries, theatres, museums, and performing arts groups.

Downtown Santa Barbara is a gourmet destination. With over 150 exciting dining options, visitors will delight in a variety of local and international cuisines. Enjoy dining al fresco under garden umbrellas or overhanging balconies in this wonderful Mediterranean climate.

Downtown Santa Barbara also features world-class shopping, from major retailers to unique local specialty shops. Wander through outdoor paseos, beautifully landscaped plazas, and along brick-lined sidewalks for a truly memorable shopping experience. Shoes.

From the waterfront through historic downtown, 125 decorative flags adorn the popular State Street corridor. These colorful flags, each with a unique design, represent a variety of community organizations and downtown area events.  The banners change throughout the year, depending on the event being highlighted.  The downtown State Street area hosts a large variety of Parades each year. The largest aquestrainan parade in the world can be seen during our week long Fiesta celebration and one of the most “unique” parades you will ever witness is our Summer Solstice Parade, it’s a “must see”.

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