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Ethel Barrymore, once told a friend, “Fortunate indeed is the person who can live in Santa Barbara, and doubly blessed if his home is located in Mission Canyon.”  Throughout the 1920s and 1930s Miss Barrymore so zealously guarded her hideaway in Mission Canyon that despite their best efforts, brothers Lionel and John were never able to find it. (Its location is a secret to this day.)

Mission Canyon, which with the Old Mission complex and the area bounded on the south by Mission Street, make up Santa Barbara’s “Mission district”, is unique.   No residential neighborhood in the city boasts a richer historical background, or offers more relics and landmarks of old Spanish days.

The American newcomers were quick to appreciate the sylvan beauty of Mission Canyon, and they began to move in and build homes. Mission Creek was an ever flowing stream, and a popular hike was up the canyon to a picnic spot at Fern Falls, beyond today’s Tunnel Road bridge. Above them were a series of rocky cascades known as The Seven Falls. Unfortunately, when Mission Tunnel was bored through the mountains in 1911, Mission Creek and its falls dried up except for periods of heavy rains.

Early in the century an ornithologist and oologist had his home on the north bank of the creek below the seminary. His name was

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 William Leon Dawson, and he set up a museum to house his collections in two small cottages. In 1917 a group of prominent Santa Barbara citizens met in Dawson’s home and founded what is now the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, one of America’s finest.

Another of Santa Barbara’s major cultural assets which is located in Mission Canyon is the Botanic Garden. In 1926 Mrs. Anna Dorinda Bliss of Montecito heard that a housing tract was being planned for upper Mission Canyon. Rather than see one of Santa Barbara’s most beautiful untouched attractions ruined by “progress”, Mrs. Bliss bought the entire 26-acre subdivision and dedicated it as a botanical preserve, confined to native flora of California, as a living memorial to her father, Henry Blakesley.

The Botanic Garden, later deeded to the Natural History Museum, has grown to 60 acres and contains every plant indigenous to California, from the rare Santa Cruz Island Ironwood to redwoods and even a meadow of wild strawberries and golden poppies. The Cactus Garden is one of the most extensive on the West Coast. In season the Ceanothus and Channel Islands sections are ablaze with color. The neatly-tended sylvan paths which wind down the slopes to the Indian Dam in the pit of the canyon are popular with hikers of all ages. The Botanic Garden, like the Museum of Natural History, is free.

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The residents of Mission Canyon have …. in what they consider to be one of the South Coast’s choicest residential neighborhoods.

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