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The word Samarkand means “the land of heart’s desire” in Old Persian and identified the fabulous Asian city where the mythical Queen Scheherazade spent her 1001 Arabian nights.  In Santa Barbara, this name was first applied in 1920 to a deluxe Persian style hotel. The splendor and opulence of the Samarkand Hotel is still marveled at by old-timers as something that had to be seen to be appreciated.  The interior of the Samarkand was redecorated in Persian style with red, brown, gold and orange colors predominating.  The oriental motif was carried out in murals and oil paintings in the foyer, lobby, dining room, lounge, library and other public rooms.  The grand opening of the Samarkand Persian Hotel occurred on New Year’s Even 1920 and was an event that ranks as one of the most luxurious in Santa Barbara’s high society annals.  The Depression and the opening of the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel ultimately lead to the closing of the Samarkand Hotel, then valued at $600,000, and its eventual swap by its owner for a dairy farm in Marin County worth only $80,000.

Today, the Samarkand neighborhood is home to Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course, and

Samarkand Real Estate

Adams Elementary School.   The Samarkand neighborhood is similar to San Roque and offers its residents close proximity to schools, shopping, entertainment and banking facilities while maintaining the feel of a close knit community, basking in the glow of an opulent bygone era.

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