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The original founders of Santa Barbara were soldiers and priests, not seafaring men.  Consequently, no provision was made for a seaport.  The relatively new addition of a breakwater to protect harboring boats changed the waterfront forever.  As recently as 50 years ago, the ocean used to cover what is today the football field of Santa Barbara City College with waves crashing against cliffs now covered by La Playa Stadium.  What we now know to be Leadbetter Beach did not exist.  Out of the accumulation of new sand at the base of the breakwater rose the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and one of the favorite local fresh fish restaurants, Brophy Brothers.

Following California’s statehood, the U.S. government built a chain of lighthouses along the West Coast, one of which still operates on the Mesa just down a short distance below Lazy Acres Grocery Store.  Built in 1856, it fell in the 1925 earthquake and was replaced by an automated beacon.

In 1871, John Stearns petitioned to build a 1,500-foot wharf reaching out to deep water.  By mid-September 1872 Sterns had built a wharf ready for Santa Barbara’s first steamer to tie up.

Waterfront Real Estate

Today, Stearns Wharf is a popular destination for seafarers and shoppers alike.  Stearns Wharf is home to restaurants, souvenir and candy shops, wine tasting establishments, and the educational Ty Warner Sea Center.  One of the locals’ favorite places to entertain visitors from out of town is the upstairs restaurant Longboards where casual indoor/outdoor dining meets peanut bar fun.

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